Technical Guidelines Update for PT users now available

3 years ago

In the times of a variety of online platforms for managing multi-user contributions, it is important to not only have the analytical know-how but also to understand how to participate in an interlaboratory exercise. EURL POPs uses personalised contribution tokens and messaging on the EUSurvey platform for their exercises. While everyone is getting used to this platform, we have started a collection of helpful guidance for the technical aspects of our proficiency tests and interlaboratory studies, now in its second edition with more detailed explanations on editable contributions.
Update for PT users now available
Technical guidelines for PTs: What's new?

The updated document with tips and tricks on how to manage participation in EURL POPs PTs on the EUSurvey platform is now available for download. As a service to all PT participants, it is also available as background document on each active survey!

Among other things, this document explains

  • how to register for one of our proficiency tests or interlaboratory studies
  • how to deal with personalised access links
  • how to submit and later edit your submissions
  • how to save a PDF version of your contribution for documentation purposes.

If you have any other questions or issues regarding the technical operation of our interlaboratory exercises, please contact us directly. Feedback is the best way to improve user experience!